• Ginger Dog Staff

Banging the drum for new old music

Few things are more likely to grind the gears of The Always Right Muso (TARM) than a new band sounding like an old band. Enter stage right, Greta Van Fleet.

Tumbling straight outta Michigan's Little Bavaria, the foursome's debut EP Black Smoke Rising got the TARMs pounding their keyboards like Jon 'Bonzo' Bonham blitzes his cymbals during Rock and Roll. Crime of muso crimes, Greta Van Fleet (can) sound (a lot) like Led Zeppelin. So, riddle me this: you can play like Bonham, Jones, and Page... and when you sing, you sound like Plant, what'ya gonna do? You're gonna play music, obvs. And good on ya, I say. Hey TARMs, it's not like Led Zep never borrowed a tune (or two) back in the day...

Peace out, Murdo x

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